Scott Weiss

MBA, Advisor

Scott has over 30 years leadership experience in the global consumer goods industry and seven years of experience leading a globally recognized entrepreneur training center.

Scott served as CEO of The Evenflo Company from 2011 and led the successful segregation and sale of the business in three different global transactions.   Prior to that, Scott served as Managing Director or President for Foster’s Wine Estates Americas; for four separate Clorox Company divisions including Brita Products, Asia Middle East (Hong Kong), Clorox Canada and Hidden Valley Ranch; and Bristol Myers Pty. Ltd. (Australia).  Scott spent half his career living and leading businesses in the Pacific Rim.  He now serves as a Director at InLine Plastics Corp, The Garage Group and OCEAN Programs.  Scott is the founding CEO of OCEAN Accelerator which grew into a multi-dimensional entrepreneur training program attracting high tech and main street start-ups from around the world.

Scott holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business and a BA from Indiana University.