Rayna Handelman

MBA, CMMP, Principal

Rayna is a proven strategic leader that understands the importance of vision and turns the vision into reality by developing and implementing sound strategies. She intuitively sees opportunities, communicates well inside and outside of the organization, driving creative thinking and resulting in profitable business growth. She is an inspirational leader thinking outside the box and inspiring action, while being grounded in financial information that levers the business. Respected as a credible voice in decision making, strategic planning, marketing, and profitable growth, Rayna earns a seat at the table wherever she serves.

Rayna has held a number of significant roles in her career, including: President & CEO of Angstrom Energy Solutions (AES), a privately held company, Vice President of Global Strategic Marketing at Kemet Electronics, Head of the Global Electric Vehicle implementation at Nissan Motor Company, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Schrader-Bridgeport & Standard Thompson, as well as numerous other roles in management, engineering, manufacturing, and operations at UTC, Ford Motor, and General Motors. Her global experience spans across Asia, Europe, North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Rayna sits on the following boards: Angstrom Energy Solutions (UPS & Renewable Energy Systems), GTA Partners (Growth Strategy & Marketing), 5 Stone Green Capital (Advisory Board), Dallas Business Club (Board Member), Dallas Electric Club (Vice President & Board Member), Dallas CECAP (Comprehensive Environmental & Climate Action Plan, Stakeholder Member) and 1505 Elm St HOA BOD (elected member of the BOD, manage budgets, building maintenance, and renovations).

Rayna holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business focusing on international business and marketing as well as a BSME from Lawrence Institute of Technology. She also is a Certified Marketing Management Professional (CMMP) and holds a pilot’s license.

Fun facts: Rayna enjoys running, tennis, skiing (water & snow), cycling, as well as various other outdoor activities. She is a foodie who enjoys creating her own new and exciting dishes.