Randy Linville

MAg, Advisor

Randy Linville has over three decades of experience and success as a company builder, corporate board leader, international business executive, and compassionate capitalist.  He brings expertise and a myriad of connections in agriculture, capital markets, commodity, government, infrastructure, nonprofit, private equity, professional, transport, and vocational stewardship. 

In the Agriculture market, Randy is best known for a successful 25-year career at The Scoular Company during which he earned positions of increasing leadership and management responsibility.  As President, and CEO from 1999-2009, Randy led Scoular through a decade of extraordinary growth building a diverse portfolio of Agriculture supply chain operations based in North America with International reach.

Today, Randy is Managing Director of ClearSight Ventures.  He serves as author, advisor, board member, entrepreneur, executive, and investor for a top portfolio of marketplace and nonprofit groups:

Past Board Roles – Acumen Sage Chair, Agspring Founding CEO, BNSF Customer Advisory Board, Commodity Markets Council Founding Chairman, FarmHouse Foundation Chairman, Halftime Institute, HighQuest Partners Advisory Board, National Grain & Feed Association, The Scoular Company, TEGMA President, US Chamber member, and The World Soy Foundation.

Past Affiliations & Memberships – Church of the Resurrection, The Economics Club of KC, Heritage Foundation, Kansas City Christian School, National Association of Corporate Directors, and US Chamber of Commerce.

While growing up on a farm in Holcomb, KS, Randy developed a passion for both agriculture and business that led him to Kansas State University where he earned dual degrees in Agricultural Economics and Business Finance in 1976, followed by an M.S. in Agricultural Economics in 1977.  Upon graduation, he began his career with Central Soya Company and later joined The Pillsbury Company. 

Fun Facts:  Randy resides in Leawood, KS with his wife Debbie and young adult children Grace and Jake.   Their special interests include Exclusive Resorts family travel in USA and abroad, and Pilate’s fitness training.